Fuck it ∞ Pencils

Having things doesn't make you happy.


Buying things makes you happy.

It's just a fleeting moment of joy.  


And it's really stressful to plan what to do with the thing you bought.

The future is exhausting. So fuck it, you know?
— The Webmaster


 You'll feel better.

 I made this web page because I want you to buy a pencil.

  • After you feel the shot of joy buying the pencil, you'll probably get another shot when a friend notices it.

  • Maybe you talk about it, enjoy a little conversation, and maybe your friend'll want to buy a fuckin' pencil.

  • At that point you've given me joy, yourself joy 3-4 times, and your friend gets at least 3 moments. 

  • If they share it with a friend like you did, they get at least 4 moments of joy, and so it fuckin' goes...

...and so it fuckin’ goes.
— The Webmaster

I paid a company to print "FUCK IT" on the pencils, which makes me laugh a little bit, and I think it's reasonable to expect you to buy one if you're so inclined (you are).


So fuck it, spread some fuckin’ joy.
— The Webmaster